Vibrant Sea

VibrantSea contains a selection of nature’s plants that are all considered to be the best from the land and sea.

A new science that indicates that the key to health may not be what you eat, but how you eat. Suppose you could get even more health benefits from a food by eating it in combination with certain other foods. This idea is in line with a relatively new science called food synergy.

VibrantSea Is a “Synergistic” group of foods that work together to magnify the best outcome. A unique blended formula of 3 super food algae nutrients and natural extracts. VibrantSea can be restructured in content to meet local health requirements.


Cathy Sheiles Therapy Clinic

Cathy has been involved in using non-invasive neurostimulation techniques to help people for over 7 years.

Cathy has worked with a well known local GP providing care to many patients who visit the busy practice.

From sporting injuries to general aches and pains Cathy can help reduce pain and restore function where other methods may have failed.
SCENAR therapy is emerging as one of the most powerful healing tools in the field of complimentary medicine.

SCENAR therapy is unique because it interactively locates, measures and prompts problem areas in the body (active points) through the skin to HELP RELIEVE PAIN AND RESTORE FUNCTION, without the need for diagnosis.

SCENAR technology relies on the body’s mechanism of adaptation ensuring dynamic equilibrium and homeostasis. Regulation of the body’s vital functions is achieved through close connection and interaction of the nervous and endocrine systems.


We’re a Family operated business and we tailor our gym for everybody

* 24 Hours Access
* No Joining FEES
* No Cancellation FEES
* Kids Creche
* Personal Classes (even for casual)
* Don’t have to sign up for 12 months
* No Contracts
* Casual Visits

For New Smiiiles Members
As an introductory Offer

  • For 6 months membership  20% Discount off our current Fees $299
  • For 12 months membership  20% Discount off our current Fees $490
  • For new casual members we will offer between 8:30 – 11:30 AM Monday to Saturday 50% Discount off our normal price and
  • Monday to Friday 2:30-4pm 50% off our normal price